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Quick Decoration Tips


Decoration is very important when it comes to your home. By detention to decorate something means to make it more appealing or pleasing to the eye. Your home should be pleasing, if not, you will be unhappy with your home and might get flak from visitors! The best part about decoration, is though it can be hard it’s incredibly rewarding! So here are some quick decoration tips.

The first, and most visually effecting form of decoration is repainting your walls. Colors have a huge impact on our psyche whether we realize it or not, so you and your visitors may appreciate a new color scheme. Your home’s interior colors carry a lot of weight with visitors, so make an impression!  I wrote an article titled “New Colors for Your Old Room”, check it out if you’re interested.

Another thing you can do is to take your old, beat up, antique furniture, and refurnish it. Antiques look great in homes, as vintage is a popular style. Plus there’s no point in throwing away a perfectly good table, lamp, or anything, especially if it will look great all fixed up.

Next, check your curtains! Curtains can add a lot of spice to a room, but they can be tricky. Drapes or curtains need to match the rest of the room. If you already have drapes, but they’re lame, you can add lace or linings to the curtains to add a little flare. However, keep in mind that the patterns and designs you add should never clash with the rest of the space.

Lastly, work on your lighting. Poor lighting can make a room dark and foreboding, making visitors uneasy and unintentionally negatively affecting your mood. Whereas good lighting can make a boring room look exciting. Make sure a room as ample light. Unless your purpose is mood lighting, your rooms should be bright and inviting. If your rooms are dark, buy brighter bulbs more lamps or invest in better lighting rigs. Remember, though the room should be bright, it should not be blinding. Find a comfortable balance between the two and you and your visitors will be a happy bunch.

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Expect Unexpected Costs when Selling a Home


Selling a home is not only an arduous task, it can also be expensive if not done right. So here are some tips to help you expect the unexpected and come out on top.

First off, get pre-approved for a home loan. If you sell your house before you’re approved to buy another one, you could be in trouble. It will also give you a realistic amount when you’re shopping around for another home.

Next you’re going to want to find out how much your house is actually worth on the market. A real estate agent will help you with that. You can go a step further and get an appraisal, but it isn’t necessary if you use an experienced agent. This will help expedite a lot of processes later on in the sell, and give you a realistic idea of what to sell your home for.

Now you know roughly how much you can spend, now you need to find out how much selling the house is going to cost. When selling a house there are a lot of fees that people do not think about, such as various transfer and excise taxes, property taxes, and of course occasional HOA fees. There are dozens of fees you may not even be aware of, so ask your agent. You’re paying them to be helpful.

Now you’ve gotten all your numbers out of the way, it’s time to do some work and get your house ready for buyers. First you’ll need to make any repairs to your home, if you leave something untouched you’ll have more wary buyers, and probably get low offers for your home. Then you should work on the more cosmetic stuff. Think new paint, clean appliances, organized closets, sparkly windows. All of these things will impress buyers when they look at your home.

Lastly, when you’re ready to sell your home, get excited, but when a buyer comes, or your open house starts don’t stay. A loitering seller is a turn off to a lot of buyers, and It hinders showing activity. Plus a lot of agents like to speak privately to their clients when showing them a home, so you being gone will be the best option.

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New Colors for Your Old Room


Picking a new color for a room could be the most irritating task you ever do when redoing your home, but it can also be the most rewarding. Colors have a lot of weight on our psyche whether we realize it or not. Colors affect our emotions, and are a key point in subconscious decision making. So why would you leave a room a color you don’t like?

On board? I’d hope so. So how about a little advice on colors and your room. Well, first off you need an idea, some inspiration. Maybe you love the forest, so you want a green room with brown accents. Maybe you love the beach, so then blues and beiges are the right colors for you. Inspiration will help you greatly when choosing new colors. If you have no inspiration, and you’re bad with colors look at a color wheel, do some research, or ask for help. Your local paint shop or hardware store will have plenty of people willing to help you out.

So let’s say you’ve got your ideas, and you’re ready to go buy a gallon or two and start painting. Stop. You need to make sure that the colors you want, will look right in your home. Lighting, regardless of whether your room is a rainbow or a monochromatic green, will change the look of your colors drastically. So try them out first. Stick a little bit on each wall of the room, and wait a couple days to see how the lighting affects them. That nice beige you fell in love with could look pink in the morning, and mustard yellow at the end of the day. Make sure you like what the lighting does with the colors before you paint.

Lastly, if you’re still unsure, be trendy. Even if you’re not “hip”, a trendy paint style will impress your guests, and look better when you go to sell your home. Remember your colors have a huge effect on you and everyone else whether you realize it or not. So picking a nice trendy style is a big deal. If you’re selling in the near future, stay with neutral colors instead of trendy.

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Nice Guys Finish Last


In the world of Real Estate, there are plenty of cut throat people. A big issue is that some buyers are too nice. Now I’m not saying this to be a jerk, that’s worse, but what I am saying is that when you’re in the market you need a back bone. Buying a home can be a high charged, high stress, and very draining experience. Because of this it’s easy to let the process get the best of you. If you want to succeed, you have to be tough.

For example, if you’re buying home in a hot market, especially ones that cater to first time buyers, you need an extra level of toughness. As a buyer you could end up paying too much, or lose out all together because you weren’t willing to negotiate. In the competitive market, it is imperative that you have to stand up and fight instead of running away if the seller counters your offer. It’s easy to get bid out, and sometimes you may have to negotiate heavily. When Negotiations start, then it’s really important to start getting tough. No one wants to pay more than you have to, but no one wants to sell for less than they want. Be wary, if your market is hot, there are probably plenty of other offers. This means that if you low ball your seller then you will be ignored. If you need help deciding on an offer, talk to your agent. He or she is always the best choice for advice in any situation.

Let’s say your offer got accepted and you’re in escrow, don’t relax just yet. In escrow the buyers have the ability to open negotiations again based on needed repairs during the buyer investigation period. Keep in mind that this is again negotiation, and the seller probably won’t agree to everything, but if you don’t stay strong there’s probably a lot you’ll end up having to pay for. Negotiate, and talk to your agent and hopefully you and the seller could come to at least a compromise.

In the end, if you persevere, you will end up with the keys to your new home. Then, you can go back to being your kind pleasant self, the “nice guy.”

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How To Not Fall for the Wrong Home


So you’re looking to buy a home. It is fall, market traffic has slowed with the starting of school, but for you it’s a great time to start shopping. However, not unlike House shopping at any other time of the year, it’s plenty easy to fall for the wrong home. So what should you do?

Well first off you need to get pre-approved. A pre-approval is basically your lender giving you an amount of money he or she can give you for a house. There’s no way for you to have a REALISTIC idea of what you can buy without pre-approval. It would be like trying to buy a TV but not knowing if you have 100 or 1000 dollars.

Once you’ve been pre-approved you’re going to want to start looking at houses. When you’re doing so, you’re going to want to be considering not only your daily activities but your potential activities later in life. Keep in mind that you’ll want to live in this house for a few years before selling it will even be worth it. Consider the flow of the house, how people move around, does that fit with your daily life? If you and your spouse plan on children will the house accommodate them? Are there enough bedrooms? Are there enough bathrooms for the morning rush? Where will your kids put their back packs, and do their homework? These are just a few things to think about. If you’re not sure just  by looking at the house, stay a bit and run around the house even if you look ridiculous. You’re making a huge investment with a house, you should be certain you can comfortably live your life in it.

So let’s say the flow is great but keep in mind you’re not done yet. You also need to look at the basics of the home. By that I mean the basic features of the home. For instance, if you never cook, why have a house with big, decked out kitchen? Why have a large, fancy, delightfully posh dining room if you always eat on the couch? Keep in mind that the wallpaper, appliances and carpet can be easily changed, but the floor plan… Not so much. Make sure you’re not sacrificing or investing for or in something you do not actually need, or ever see you and your family using.

Lastly, never settle. If you ever say, “I guess this one will do.” don’t buy the house. Remember a house is a commitment and a huge investment. Why settle? I wrote another blog called “Why you should just buy the better home”, check it out, it may help.

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