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Home Improvements and Resales

Whenever someone buys a house, it is only natural for them to want to make life in their house more comfortable and convenient. However, before you convert your garage into a sauna or your bonus room into a bedroom think about whether or not these additions will add value to your home. Though selling your home may be years away, keep in mind that not all “improvements” are welcome by homebuyers. What you may see as your “sweet man cave” could be perceived as the “ugly blue and gold room”, you want something buyers will want, not something they’ll laugh about later. With that in mind, here are some things buyers do not typically appreciate.

First off are bad add-ons. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in your own home, so plenty of people will put an add-on on their home to add some space. Problem is plenty of these people do it cheaply and the add-on looks like it was built by Daffy Duck and attached with Elmer’s Glue. If you’re going to put an add-on onto the house make sure it looks as seamless as possible. You want it to look like it came with the house, not like it was brought in by a middle school woodshop class.

Secondly are conversions. Conversions are usually pretty great, one can turn an unused room into a room that is useful for the family. However turning a dining room into a game room may be great for your family since you all eat on the couch, but where are your future buyers going to eat? Also, keep in mind that converting a study into a bedroom does not really work. Just because you put a bed in there does not magically make it a bedroom. Without a closet it won’t be considered a bedroom.

Thirdly, outdated finishes. It does not matter if you paint a room the most fashionable colors and put nice furniture in there if the buyers look up and see popcorn ceilings and a disco ceiling fan from the 70s. If you’re going to update a room, do the whole thing, this includes light switches and outlets. Also be wary of what wallpapers might be too specific, like purses or video game characters, instead go with something broader allowing the room to be purposed by anyone. Oh and carpet? Most buyers prefer wood floors.

Fourth is a big thing to look out for, and that’s awkward spacing. You’ve probably seen in sitcoms where the son leaves for college and when he comes back his room has been turned into little less than a closet. Break down and move walls around as you need to, but don’t do it at the expense of a whole other room.

Lastly is expensive to maintain luxuries. What I mean by this is that swimming pools, ponds, putting greens and fountains can make your backyard absolutely gorgeous, but they’re costly to keep up. Installing a landscape that needs constant care to stay healthy may be a great hobby for you, but for future buyers it’s just a hassle. I’m not saying drop your hobbies, but make sure it’s a hobby you’re not forcing on potential buyers. Also keep in mind that swimming pools are great and worth the upkeep in say Florida or here in Southern California where they can be used all year long, but say in Minnesota a pool is just a hassle.

So go ahead and paint your den your team’s colors, do whatever you want to your home, but keep in mind that if it’s expensive to install, buyers will see it as expensive to remove. And as always, if you have any questions about selling your home, or whether or not you should paint your den a lime green, you can always visit or call National Realty Group. We’ll be sure to give you all the advice you need.


About National Realty Group

National Realty Group was founded in October 1991 by Jeff Maas. It started as a two man office but soon grew to a medium sized office. One of the original agents formed a new home development company soon after. Steven Walker Homes is now a large national home builder. Southfork Mortgage Company Corp. was founded in April 1990 by the owner of a large home builder. Jeff Maas stepped in as its Broker in September 1993. With the help of Jeff Evens, Jeff Maas was able to expand the company. In July 1994, the owner of Southfork retired and Jeff Maas and Jeff Evens purchased the company. They continued the growth and soon built it into a multi-million dollar corporation. National Realty Group remained separate until Jeff Maas sold it to Southfork Mortgage in 1996. This allowed the owners to expand National Realty Group while allowing its agents to provide mortgage services to their clients. In 1996, a branch office of Southfork and NRG was opened in San Bernardino. It was later moved to Redlands in the most well-known office in the city. In 1998, they opened an office in Temecula in the Temecula Valley Bank office. The offices were expanded and closed 45 million in real estate and loan transactions in 1998. In 1999, Jeff Maas purchased the company from Jeff Evens becoming sole owner and broker. Shortly after the name was changed to National One Mortgage Corp. The company outgrew its 3000 square foot office in Riversideand moved to a building of approximately 6000 square feet. The growth continued at a spectacular rate. The company grew to over 40 agents within one year. The expansion continued with the addition of 2800 square feet and later adding more space for a combined total of nearly 13,000 square feet. At our peak we had over 125 agents and 12 employees in the Riverside office alone. During the summer of 2003, we opened an office in Temecula at the corner of Rancho California and Margarita. This office was soon bursting at the seams with 42 agents and 3 full time employees. Due to the increased demand for our unique programs, by the public and real estate agents, offices were opened in Corona and Ontario in early 2005. The year saw more amazing growth with offices opening in Moreno Valley, Hemet, Las Vegas and Norco. Rancho Cucamonga and Phoenix opened the first part of 2006. A Murrieta office opened summer of 2007. The economy has not been kind to many real estate and mortgage companies. We have remained strong and successful. Our business model of a One-Stop Shop provides the exact service and convenience the Home-Buying public desires and needs.


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