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Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent for a New Construction Home?

New construction homes have a lot of benefits. There’s nothing better than walking into that new house and knowing you are the very first to live in it, knowing how incredibly clean it is, and the fact that you have a lot of options for customization. If you’re considering a construction home, how about you consider a Real Estate agent too? A lot of people say you don’t NEED one, which is true, but should you have one? We think so!

Why? Well first off, they’re free for you. You read me, totally free. Nothing from your pocket. See the agents get paid from the builder, so essentially you have this person really helping you out, doing a lot of the work for you, and you don’t have to pay them a dime. People think that this means your commission goes up, but this is also untrue. Commission comes directly from the builder, so you’ll be paying the same price either way, but with an agent you have help.

If you don’t think you need help, you may be right, but maybe not. You probably don’t NEED help, but wouldn’t it be convenient? You might be able to do the process alone, but buying a house is a daunting task. There’s a ton of people to deal with, and the builder’s on site sales agents are hard to work with. Wouldn’t having someone on your side, who knows the ins and outs of the industry, be easier and more profitable than trying to figure it out on your own?

Plus, there are tons of perks to having an agent! Such as price, you’ll always get the best price when you have an agent. Why? Well qualified Real Estate agents know how to negotiate. They also can get you pre-pricing and potentially discounts for lots before they’re released to the public. Agents can sometimes even get you free upgrades, like that pool you’ve always wanted. Things you would have had a hard time securing on your own.

Lastly, Real Estate agents are houses of information. A Real Estate agent can tell you loads of things you potentially had no idea about. They will know if someone is pushing you around, when you might think you’re getting a good deal. They will know little details that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Real Estate agents are also the first to hear about different selling phases. Usually pre-sales and first phase’s sales are much cheaper. Your Real Estate will be able to get you this information quickly, allowing you to secure the house you always wanted.

So if you’re looking to buy a new construction home, or even just a home, be sure to call National Realty Group, stop by, or even go on We will do our very best to answer any questions you have, and set you up with a reliable agent. We’ll do our best to make sure they house you buy, is the one you really want.


Your Home and Your Future Family

Usually when someone is looking for a new home they have plethora of options to choose from. From these options people create a wishlist which is usually future driven. People are looking for things that they might not need now, but if they usually plan to live in the home for a while, they’ll need stuff to be ready for them in the future. This list sometimes includes kids.

Now plenty of couples want kids, they just don’t want them now, so they buy a house thinking for just the two of them. However, when they want to start a family they realize very quickly that maybe this house is not the best for children, and thus they have to sell and move. This could be avoided if a few simple, logistical things were looked at, such as:

  1. Room Location.

Are you comfortable with your kid(s) on a different floor from you, as is common in older homes? How close would you want your master bedroom to your kid(s) rooms? How close are secondary bedrooms to bathrooms? Do you want an eat in kitchen, or a separate dining room?

  1. Surrounding Area of the Home

What are the schools like around the home? What’s the crime rate like? Are there any fun things nearby for your kid(s) could do, like a park? Is it on a busy street, or can they play in the street?

  1. Home Features

Is the back yard fenced in? Do the stairs have an adequate railing? Is there room for your kid(s) to run around in the house, or will they be bumping into walls?

These questions should be asked if you have kids in mind, and even if you’re not sure. Why if you’re not sure? Well if you decided to downsize or move up, who do you think you’ll be likely to sell to? Parents.
So whatever your question may be about buying a home for you and your potential children, be sure to stop by or call National Realty Group, or find us on the web Remember that the internet is not always the most accurate or best source of information, it’s always better to ask someone who is in the business.

Home Improvements and Resales

Whenever someone buys a house, it is only natural for them to want to make life in their house more comfortable and convenient. However, before you convert your garage into a sauna or your bonus room into a bedroom think about whether or not these additions will add value to your home. Though selling your home may be years away, keep in mind that not all “improvements” are welcome by homebuyers. What you may see as your “sweet man cave” could be perceived as the “ugly blue and gold room”, you want something buyers will want, not something they’ll laugh about later. With that in mind, here are some things buyers do not typically appreciate.

First off are bad add-ons. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in your own home, so plenty of people will put an add-on on their home to add some space. Problem is plenty of these people do it cheaply and the add-on looks like it was built by Daffy Duck and attached with Elmer’s Glue. If you’re going to put an add-on onto the house make sure it looks as seamless as possible. You want it to look like it came with the house, not like it was brought in by a middle school woodshop class.

Secondly are conversions. Conversions are usually pretty great, one can turn an unused room into a room that is useful for the family. However turning a dining room into a game room may be great for your family since you all eat on the couch, but where are your future buyers going to eat? Also, keep in mind that converting a study into a bedroom does not really work. Just because you put a bed in there does not magically make it a bedroom. Without a closet it won’t be considered a bedroom.

Thirdly, outdated finishes. It does not matter if you paint a room the most fashionable colors and put nice furniture in there if the buyers look up and see popcorn ceilings and a disco ceiling fan from the 70s. If you’re going to update a room, do the whole thing, this includes light switches and outlets. Also be wary of what wallpapers might be too specific, like purses or video game characters, instead go with something broader allowing the room to be purposed by anyone. Oh and carpet? Most buyers prefer wood floors.

Fourth is a big thing to look out for, and that’s awkward spacing. You’ve probably seen in sitcoms where the son leaves for college and when he comes back his room has been turned into little less than a closet. Break down and move walls around as you need to, but don’t do it at the expense of a whole other room.

Lastly is expensive to maintain luxuries. What I mean by this is that swimming pools, ponds, putting greens and fountains can make your backyard absolutely gorgeous, but they’re costly to keep up. Installing a landscape that needs constant care to stay healthy may be a great hobby for you, but for future buyers it’s just a hassle. I’m not saying drop your hobbies, but make sure it’s a hobby you’re not forcing on potential buyers. Also keep in mind that swimming pools are great and worth the upkeep in say Florida or here in Southern California where they can be used all year long, but say in Minnesota a pool is just a hassle.

So go ahead and paint your den your team’s colors, do whatever you want to your home, but keep in mind that if it’s expensive to install, buyers will see it as expensive to remove. And as always, if you have any questions about selling your home, or whether or not you should paint your den a lime green, you can always visit or call National Realty Group. We’ll be sure to give you all the advice you need.


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